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2014 is going to be a busy year for our association and is already off to a running start. Jeff Gibbs and I attended the American Goat Federation Annual Meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, on January 25th. Our input was solicited regarding a goat checkoff and other activities that would benefit our members. they plan to have a day of educational seminars at the annual meeting next year for members.


The ABGA Board of Directors has voted to implement several new projects. One of those involves DNA testing of all bucks being used to produce percentage or fullblood Boer kids that are being registered. The program will be voluntary in 2014, and become mandatory January 1, 2015.


While the new database will not be finished for several months, work continues and the website is scheduled to go live on July 1, 2014.


Scott Hawthorne the director from Region 11 resigned and the board replaced him with Jesse Cornelius. The Board removed Linda West as director from Region 7. Details are available in the minutes of the December meeting. Both regions will be up for reelection this year as per the By-Laws. The Board took disciplinary actions against two members: Dakota Smith and Betty Peterson. Details are listed on the Disciplinary page of the ABGA website.


A committee was formed to develop criteria for a Mentor Program that would allow members to volunteer to assist new adult and youth members. Also, a committee is working on the feasibility of forming family membership and the effect that it will have on the ability to show in JABGA sanctioned shows.


Sponsor tables for the National Show will be auctioned online this year. The Facebook page and website will provide further information. A National Show sub-committee will put together a presentation on the history of the ABGA and present the 16 founding members of ABGA with the Ambassador to the Breed award during the 2014 ABGA National Show. Also, the Board voted to reinstate weighing all junior animals in the 2014 ABGA National Show and publish the information in the show program.


After requests from several members, Sara Davis and Vicki Stich will work on developing a show survey to be sent to the exhibitors to evaluate ABGA judges after each show.


All animals that were drug tested at the Tulsa State Fair ABGA show were negative for the banned substances defined by the testing agency.


The board voted to designate $1,000 to be prorated to the top four performers and $500 be designated for awards in all ABGA sanctioned performance tests. This is in addition to ennoblement points awarded based on a sliding schedule which will be developed later. The 2014 Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Livestock Evaluation Center Gain test will be sanctioned by ABGA. It includes a 70 day test period vs. the 84 day minimum currently in the ABGA rules.


Remember we have a director’s election coming up in May. Information on director candidates can be found in this issue. It’s also time to start thinking about attending our National Show in Nebraska.






Brad D Mackey, President

ABGA™ Board of Directors
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