To our Members:


Since the last issue of the Boer Goat Magazine, we have closed on the purchase of land for the new ABGA™ office building. It is four blocks from the university on Jackson Street in San Angelo. We bought it below appraised value, and being in a building we own, rather than rent, we will now be able to more fully take advantage of our tax exempt status.


The IT Committee continues to work to insure that the new database has the features we require, and that the new website is user friendly and easier for staff to update. We expect to save significant amounts of money once everything is in place and we are only paying one source for IT services rather than several. The current website has been updated and reorganized by a member volunteer at no charge to the association.


New features have been added to the Boer Goat Magazine. In addition to the ABGA website, it is now the official communication method for the ABGA so that members without internet will receive information about event within the association.


The Board of Directors of the American Boer Goat Association™ is responsible for the operation of the association under the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of the ABGA. This can be a daunting task, and we ask members to communicate their concerns to their directors so they can be brought to the board for review. The majority of the ABGA directos are dedicated to serving the best interests of the American Boer Goat Association and all of our members, and we will do our best to insure that topics of interest are made available to members for their input. If you have issues with what we are doing, please bring them to our attention. We cannot make all members happy, but we can promise to focus on what is good for the association and the Boer goat industry.


Our last face-to-face Board meeting of 2013 was held on December 13-14, in Nashville, Tennessee. Some members have requested that we broadcast public portions of these meetings. The Board will explore the cost and feasibility of doing this. We expect 2014 to be a banner year for ABGA and our members as we begin to reap the benefits of the changes we have been making to improve the association and its services to members.






Brad D Mackey, President

American Boer Goat Association




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